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Change The Way You Game

Real-time Low-latency Full-body Tracking for Gaming and More

An Enhanced Experience

Real-time low-latency full-body tracking for gaming and more

User-Friendly Design

Easier to equip, setup and maintain with reduced nodes

Built for Creators

Unity and Unreal engine compatible, for developers and content creators

Streamlined, Untethered

Connect wirelessly, and without need for external base stations

Plugs and Plays

Compatible with OpenVR and SteamVR applications

Easy to Maintain

Interchangeable and detachable straps and sensors
Play Video

Use Your Body
As A Game Controller

Built by gamers and tested by professional athletes, AXIS is the real-time full-body motion-tracking solution offering untethered freedom of movement so you can use your body as a real-time game controller.

Use AXIS as a standalone for games and VRChat, or as an add-on to popular VR systems like Oculus.

Our wireless system works without external base stations, so you can get creative with your full-body avatars.

Built for versatility, AXIS can be used as-is, or boosted with additional trackers for more nuanced full-body motion capture.

AXIS will come with customizable Unreal and Unity plugins for you to create your own unique virtual experiences. If you are keen to create immersive virtual experiences with our system, please reach out to us!

Featured Game for AXIS


Face off in a futuristic virtual arena where you’ll pit yourself against a real opponent in digital combat. Our first-person full-body fighting game was built for AXIS users and comes bundled free with the system.

Other Compatible Applications

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‘Virtual Taekwondo’ Could Be The Next Big Olympic-Level Sport

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